Meet Muzeen Firdous a Fitness Coach-cum-Philanthropist

In the contemporary times, when the sedentary life has become the order of the day ,  we have a one person who is fighting against the norm or trend. He has taken upon himself to train others to be physically fit and help those who can’t  afford the professional trainers. Being an engineering student,  he has not allowed anything  to come in his way of passion.  He is Muzeen Firdous.  He is about 24 years old. He hails from Shivpora, Srinagar. He has done Mechanical Engineering. His hobbies include gardening, cooking, reading, researching, etc.

       As said above, engineering was his natural choice. But being  passionate to be a  certified fitness trainer,  he has dedicated himself to fitness. This was something  unusual for his family.  Nevertheless,  his family supported him in this endeavour and he has  come winning.  He began his journey in 2009 by doing workouts at the gym in Shivpora,  started by the CRPF.  However,  owing to some circumstances like lack of the required equipment,  he was not satisfied there. After that ,he joined the Heavy Duty Gym  , Jawahar Nagar and completed his course as a fitness coach in 2018 while pursuing his engineering. Irfan Ali sir was his coach at the centre and left a long-lasting impact on him. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is who that motivated Muzeen to become a fitness coach or trainer.

       He has worked and trained many people at  places like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, etc. However,  care for his homeland brought him back and now he is giving fitness coaching to the aspiring people.  His passion for it motivates others to follow him. Being a certified fitness trainer,  the aura around him is like a magnet.

          His work is acknowledged worldwide.  When in December 2020, Covid-19  engulfed the whole world.  He, like other humanitarians,  fought like a warrior,  when the novel coronavirus was spreading like a fire.  He helped the needy and the sick. Without caring for himself,  he risked his life and came out a warrior.  He was felicitated  with the Covid-19 Warrior Award by an international agency.

       As said above, the sedentary life adopted by the majority worldwide in general and Kashmir in particular,  have made them susceptible to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure,  obesity, mental disorders, etc. The Covid-19 acted as the last nail in the coffin and increased the magnitude of diseases. In Kashmir,  people have become lethargic.  They are dependent upon the modern gadgets and hardly for morning walks or take health fitness courses.  With the continuous increase in diseases, people have felt the need for being mentally and physically fit. Now, people are joining the health fitness centres to be fit in every aspect.  According to Muzeen,  he is getting new admissions or he is being contacted by a large number of people who have now understood the benefits of fitness.

        His message for the inhabitants of the Valley is to take their  health  seriously.  He wants people to remain physically fit in the age of science and technology when all works are done by machines. His main concern is youth. He is  particularly  concerned  about the youth who have taken to drugs.  He himself is running a campaign against the drug abuse.  He counsels the addicts and tries his best to bring them back into the normal lives. He is of the opinion that the present atmosphere is toxic and there are cent percent chances of deviating from the right path. He believes that if youth join the fitness centres, their extra energies can be channelized in the most productive way. For this, he conducts fitness contests where the qualified aspirants or contestants are given free  coaching fitness training.  Through many enticing prospects,  he wants to engage people in this cause.

     People like Muzeen are a ray of hope. Yes, the need of the hour is to take our health seriously and follow the course that can make us fit in every aspect. Muzeen has practically applied the saying that a sound mind lives in a sound body. Let us spare some time from our lives and try to be fit.

Written by: Syed Mustafa Ahmad

Address: Hajibagh,  Budgam

70060 31540

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