Dr. Vikas Patel has an ultimate treatment to cure mental problems


Depression and anxiety both of these concepts are quite so stressful for whoever is going through the problems. People get negative and lose all their hopes in these types of cases. Whether you or your loved ones suffer from depression or anxiety, there are many treatments for it nowadays. However, most people take medications for months or even years without noticing major changes.

Recently, we came across a PATEL NEUROPSYCHIATRY CLINIC through one of our acquaintances. We got to know how PATEL NEUROPSYCHIATRY CLINIC is helping people leave depression medications with many types of solutions for their health. We got quite curious about how it is possible.

To bring solutions for this into action, Dr Vikas Patel introduced the concept of PATEL NEUROPSYCHIATRY CLINIC. This clinic and online consultation helps provide people with enhanced knowledge on mental issues and how to solve the same. In addition, they are also helping the people learn the techniques and ways of solving mental problems better with the help of new ways and technologies.

Mental health is a burning issue in the whole healthcare system, a totally neglected part of holistic health.The concept of upgrading treatments under the PATEL NEUROPSYCHIATRY CLINIC is to help people with mental problems like depression or anxiety. Dr Vikas Patel is a practicing psychiatrist in ludhiana for the last 7 years.

Our interview with Dr. Vikas Patel helped us get an insight into their clinic solutions. Furthermore, their work is quite inspirational since we can see sound effects within some days of the beginning of the treatment. Let’s learn more about Vikas Patel Clinic.

How did you come up with PATEL NEUROPSYCHIATRY CLINIC?

I’ve always wanted to do something for society and the country because I’m fascinated by psychology and how the mind and emotions work. I want to help each and every person who seeks help from me. Panic attacks, negative thinking, depression, or dissociation, where people forget things or faint, are all considered impossible or challenging to treat in psychology . However, during my research, I discovered many aspects of the mind that we incorrectly use and interpret. As a result, we are unaware of the natural laws of our minds. Such a lack of knowledge causes mental problems. We provide all types of mind problems solutions.

Where is PATEL NEUROPSYCHIATRY CLINIC situated and what’s the schedule for the clinic in India?



Psychiatrist OPD TIME=  2:30 PM TO 3 :30 PM, 6 TO 8 PM (Monday to Saturday)

Psychologist timing : 2:30 PM TO 8 PM (with appointment only)

What are your goals?

Through our clinic, our main goal is to improve people’s lives by giving them knowledge. We want to spread it more among people to solve their mental issues. More than a crore people don’t have this knowledge. Hence, our first goal is to do the treatments of existing psychological problems and solutions.

What’s the future plan of Dr. Vikas Patel and his clinic?

We have started PATEL NEUROPSYCHIATRY CLINIC regarding how we can provide treatment to the world about mental issues. We can notice that some clients are unaware of the fact that psychological counselling can help solve these problems. In some cases, even if they are aware of it, the fees may seem too expensive for them to pay. We’ll make all mental health services affordable and accessible for all in the upcoming time.

Who is the Inspiration for this initiative ?

Obviously God’s(Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj) blessings come first behind my success, then family and my patients are the biggest contributors in my journey.

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