Meet the cakemaker who tells the alchemy of making cakes


Creamy, flavourful, and delectable — these edible beauties make your mouth water just thinking about them! Who won’t say wow to these melt-in-mouth textures, the colors, and the flavors? One of the secrets behind her famous cakes is her dedication to the work and the quality

What helps make a special occasion worth celebrating?

Some may say it’s the decorations. Others may say it’s the theme. But it’s the cake for many these days.

When she first started as an amateur home Baker, she never thought she is going to set an example for many. She enjoys learning new techniques in Cake designing. and also constantly updates herself on new baking technologies and designs. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or wedding an edible part that makes you fall in love with it is the cake.

This hyper-realistic cake maker can easily make you believe what she intends to do with her cakes. Her magical skills as a baker have helped her to win the hearts of many customers. Until the knife cuts in you determine whether this is a cake or fake. You will not understand what is before you is a super cute toy or a sculpture of 2 couples until the glistening stainless steel pierces into can-not fondant icing. Purely creamy and crispy icing crush to uncover layers of sponge and oozing chocolate ganache. It’s a process in which as a Baker you feel uncomfortable and gratifying in equal measure says Roopa Laxmi Sathish.

MYumCakes is a venture by the home Baker Roopa Laxmi Sathish.  which sells customized cakes in Coimbatore. Other than theme cakes, MyumCakes offers fresh and delicious cupcakes, brownies, and cookies. She believes that every cake is unique in its own way. Cake art – time and time again changes. The allure of handmade creations that defy logic, a simple blend of sugar, butter, flavors…That’s why she tells the Alchemy is different for every occasion and every individual. The main reason behind asking for detail of the event helps to make a perfect and suitable cake for the occasion. So the conversation with the client plays a big role.

Love baking cakes

Self-taught baker, Roopa Laxmi Sathish.  had created a Facebook page to share her love of baking cakes, her artwork, and even DIY ideas. Eventually, it turned into her successful cake-making business. The requests from her customers really push her artistic skills. The rate of the cake depends upon the design and the quality of ingredients, required for it. Certain ingredients for the cakes are really expensive. The work behind making the small details of the cakes when it comes to a customized one is really time-consuming. It may take hours to make these edible beauties.

Such excellent, exquisite, five-star bliss. Who knew something so delicious existed? The contrasting flavors of fruits and nuts echo on my taste buds, creating a fabulous symphony of taste and texture. Says one of her customers from Coimbatore.

Though she offers a host of options on her menu, Roopa Laxmi Sathish.  enjoys creating custom designs that revamp your memories. Myum cakes are endless with vegan egg alternatives and plant-based milk. Those who wish to order gluten-free, or dairy-free are good to go here.

When an order is placed, we will contact the customer to arrange a pick-up time. She also recommends people place their orders at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability, as her schedule fills up quickly.

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