Slaughtering, hurting, exploiting,eating, milking and raping animals is not a Human right but a well planned sin.

Man has the basic instinct of understanding what is right and what is wrong but due to our personal or monetary greed, we have become cruel to such an extent that we choose to act deaf and dumb. Because of our heartless attitude we have started justifying our crime and believing it to be true.Cruelty towards animals have been normalized with time and have become part of our daily life. We don’t have to go too far to witness our heinous actions. It can be observed from our homes itself.Our refrigerators are loaded with dead body of a creature,milk of another mother, food loaded with animal derived preservatives, animals tested cosmetics, skin of the animal in a form of leather and so on. Our day to day life is all about adding suffering in an innocent soul.On the name of religion, tradition or modern lifestyle we can’t justify our crimes.

People seek peace and healthy environment but how can we attain peace by building hell for other livingbeings.We really need to change our mindset and ensure that animals are safe and shall not be exploited at any cost. We need to intervene in our own actions and need to be vigilant enough for our deeds.

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