Success story of UK-based entrepreneur Roshan ismail Kodoor, from being a vegetable seller to a well known businessman

Roshan ismail Kodoor

Every entrepreneur has their own struggle stories because, behind every successful person, no one knows their effort behind being successful. In today’s world every person wants to be a successful and growth-oriented entrepreneur but not everyone can achieve the success this UK-based entrepreneur has done.

So today let’s know about the youngest entrepreneur Roshan ismail Kodoor, he was born in India in Kozhikode a city in Kerala state, South India. He was born on 28 August 1986. His father’s name is Ibrahim and his mother’s name is Amina. He migrated to the UK for studies in 2009, there he completed international business from the University of Gloucestershire, UK.

The expansion of businesses and brands across all sectors of society is truly astonishing. Numerous elements can be blamed for these advancements, the good changes that have occurred in various industries, and the expansion of organizations. Some claim that it is due to the adoption of the most recent technological developments, while others assert that this success was made possible by the zeal and dedication of a select group of businesspeople and experts. Experts believe that a combination of the two, though, is what helped organizations achieve exponential levels of success. The same must also be credited to a huge number of young, talented individuals, particularly in the digital age, which currently dominates practically every industry. A young man Roshan UK-based is carrying out that and much more.

After completing his studies, Roshan started a vegetable business at the age of 23 to get some financial assistance at the same time he also worked in a supermarket ‘Argos’ which supplies toys & electronics in the UK. He then thought of starting his family there only and he at the same time got married to Jessica at the age of 28. He also has a son Alfie Arsenal. Arsenal is a professional football club based in Islington, London, England.

After starting his own business he started thinking of working in a reputed company in the IT sector and he started working in Siemens as a desk support Engineer in 2017. After working there he started thinking of doing something big in his life so he thought of becoming his own boss. Later after working for almost 2 years Roshan became the youngest entrepreneur and in 2019 he started his own firm.

This young entrepreneur Roshan ismail Kodoor started his own company named ‘English Channel’ in 2019 which was later got registered in UK famous business listings. This firm mainly deals with education agents for Indian students who are willing to study in the UK and couldn’t find a proper study hub according to their goals and budget, Roshan later started another firm named ‘English Channel homes’ which mainly deals as a property consultant, managing & Lettings agents in the UK. 

Roshan’s firm English Channel provides the best educational institutes to Indian students so that they do not have to wonder here and there. His company is one of the best companies in the UK which provides the best and result-oriented outcomes. Now their company also has good growth, his company has a total of 3 branches, one is in London, the second one in Cochin, and the third one in Calicut. He also started expanding his business to the Middle East, and countries like Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Germany, and USA.

Along with being one of the best and result-oriented entrepreneurs and the owner of two big firms, Roshan ismail Kodoor also owns a football team in the UK, named Northerners FC, which has won the cup 5 times in football tournaments. 

Young entrepreneur Roshan ismail Kodoor, the manager and founder of ‘English Channel’ educational consultancy and English Channel Homes Ltd. He is not only a successful entrepreneur and businessman he also got UK permanent resident in 2019, and he also has British nationality.

His company later collaborated with another company named Alhind which got 30 years of experience in the travel industry. After this collaboration, English Channel rebranded as Alhind English Channel and became partners with Alhind.

Roshan’s story from belonging to an ordinary south Indian family to getting a permanent resident of the UK is really inspiring for today’s Indian youth who wants to get settled in abroad. The way Roshan started struggling during his college days made him what he’s today and this struggle is really inspiring.

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